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Securus Defends Technology Patents

For more than 30 years, Securus Tech has provided communication and information services to public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies. Connecting inmates with their families and friends in a safe, reliable manner while providing institutions access to required information is one of their essential tasks and one they have performed admirably for many years.


Currently, a competitor named GTL is challenging a Securus patent in the United States Trial and Appeals Board and misrepresenting the Securus position in well-circulated press releases. This piece seeks to straighten the record and correct some of GTL’s inaccurate statements.


For example, GTL announced that the United States Trail and Appeals Board (PTAB) had validated their patent enabling GTL to move forward with efforts to see redress against Securus. Rather, there is no opportunity for seeking damages against Securus because the court is stayed; neither did the court “validate” anything.


Additionally, GTL has represented that their 55 claims against Securus technology on video visitation monitoring have been upheld by the courts. Rather, the court has declined to review those claims. Further, Securus analysis indicates that GTL have only one, single unique claim, with many sub-claims. The figure they are floating around is a clear exaggeration of the issue used to convince an ignorant public that such a large number of violations must be supportable.


GTL has stated that these claims were identified by PTAB as “patentable”, when the board has made no such statement, rather the board simply elected not to review these claims.


Securus and many companies in similar situations, has a demonstrated history of seeking solutions to such disputes outside the court system. Securus, as a leader in the business community, prefers to negotiate mutually satisfactory solutions; this plan as worked successfully in the past and by investing millions and years in this court process GTL is wasting valuable time and corporate finances.



Anthony Petrello is a Fortunate Man

Anthony Petrello is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, a geothermal drilling and natural gas contracting company that operates across the United States, as well as the Far East and Africa. The company provides offshore drilling operations and maintains an extensive 29 marine vessel fleet. His company also provides drilling equipment and software to handle the various rigging requirements, as well as pipe handling offshore. The company was added to the Standard & Poor’s 500 index as one of the largest companies to be publicly traded in the United States. Eventually, moving off the AMEX and into the New York Stock Exchange.

Mr. Anthony Petrello profited a whopping $27,512,939, most of which was derived from stock options. He has even been placed at the top of the 50 top-paid Chief Executive Officers. His company owns around 500 oil rigs which are known to be active in 25 countries across the globe. Anthony Petrello earned his place on the board of directors in 1991 due to his extensive experience working at the Baker & McKenze law firm. He earned his career experience there, by specializing in corporate tax law.

As a young man in college, Mr. Petrello was known as a math whiz. One of his roommates at the time noted how he was always writing down mathematical proofs and theorems on napkins and was considered to be a genius at the age of 18. In fact, a famous mathematician, Professor Serge Lang took him on as his protégé. He eventually utilized his mathematical genius to switch into the field of Law.

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He soon married Cynthia Carrafa, his college girlfriend, who was a producer as well as a soap opera actress. Together, they are known for their philanthropic work. They have donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital. This, after learning that their daughter was born prematurely and developed cerebral palsy. Mr. Petrello is also known as being quite skilled with real-estate litigation. He has been quoted as saying “One life lesson I have learned is that between being smart or being lucky, lucky is better- I have been extremely fortunate in work”.

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Ready to make a stand for cosmetics? Try something new with Lime Crime Cosmetics.

As a female, one of our main missions is to find makeup products that work efficiently, that’s hypoallergenic, that’s affordable, and that is made by a company who cares about not only their consumers but their staff members as well. And who better to come up with a cosmetic line than a woman who knows how to rock make-up. Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, and just looking at her you can tell she knows how to rock any kind of make-up put in front of her.


A little background on Doe Deere, she was born in Russia; however, she was raised in New York City, the fashion capital of the world. She did not start out her journey knowing she wanted to start a cosmetic line. Throughout her 20’s she had everyday administrative jobs, but she knew she just did not fit in. That is where the idea to become an entrepreneur came into play for her. She is also very avid that females use their strengths to become their own bosses, and Doe Deere speaks at many events to push the issue of female entrepreneurs, events such as PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour.


When it came to the start of her cosmetic line, Lime Crime she knew it was going to be different from any other cosmetic line out there just because she is different. Her main concept behind her make-up line is that beauty isn’t what’s natural or what’s in style, but rather what feels right at the moment. In 2008, she launched her first large line that contained colorful, magical, and cruelty-free cosmetics to showcase the combination of color and cosmetics. Starting as a young entrepreneur she always had difficulty expressing herself in the form of make-up because bright, bold colors were hard to come by, this was the main inspiration behind her colorful line of cosmetics.


In 2014, Lime Crime cosmetic had a breach on their website and some thieves were able to steal customer’s personal information, and Doe Deere still feels personally responsible even though setback happens. But even an awful setback such as a hack teaches important lessons, especially to smaller businesses and Lime Crime Cosmetics was able to come back stronger, smarter, and better than even to start off the next year.


One major way Doe Deere goes above and behind other cosmetic lines is that when she has the inspiration to a new line or color she tries it out on herself first. Instead of testing it on animals, or staff members she physically will test it out on herself first to make sure it turned out the way she envisioned. Tell me how many cosmetic lines can say they do that? Inspiration is everywhere, so keep an eye out for what might be next in the Lime Crime cosmetic line.

Follow Doe Deere on LinkedIn and @doedeere


Assisting Others in Need: Kevin Seawright’s Story

New Jersey native Kevin Seawright is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Throughout most of his life, he specialized in executive and financial operations. Kevin Seawright earned his Masters degree in accounting from Almeda University, followed by an Executive Leadership Certification from Mendoza Business University.

Gaining Reassurance

Clients who are familiar with the work of Kevin Seawright have benefited from his financial expertise. This consists of reformulated business strategies, revenue planning. In addition, Kevin’s revenue enhancements have generally lead to increases in annual returns, around 20-30 percent.

Unlike many business professionals, he possesses a strong understanding of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). These business management tools makes manual input of administrative duties outdated. They can utilizing computer systems towards performing human resource needs.

Examples would be payroll, attendance, scheduling and the managing of employee data. Kevin helps increases the workplace efficiency of his clients while improving their efficiency in the workforce.

Improving the Quality of lives in Baltimore

The CitiStat program is designed to quantify performance from the departments in a city. It allows the users of the program to evaluate factors that are improving and which ones needs to be modified. Taking the necessary precautions to fix several flaws in the city will leads to better services and more revenue.

This can be seen in Baltimore, where Kevin combined their public school system with their CitiStat system. The activities of more than 80,000 students became better as a result.

Recording Of ‘The Marvelous 12’ For The Lovaganza 2020 Has Begun

Lovaganza has announced the beginning of the recording of “the Marvelous 12.” This recording marks another milestone in preparations for Lovaganza 2020, a worldwide celebration aimed at appreciating various cultures across the globe. Founders of Lovaganza, Jean François and Genevieve Gannon, will oversee the recording. The two are frequently referred to as the creative duo, JF&G.

‘The Marvelous 12’ is an animated series on The musical will be used to tell the back-story of ‘Lovaganza Convoy.” It will be played during the traveling shows that seek to popularize the Lovaganza 2020 celebrations. These shows will be held in different continents. In addition, the animated series will be released in cinemas across the globe.

JF&G ensured that the film generated the required excitement by carefully choosing the location and studio to record it. The two chose the Abbey Road Studios as their recording platform on Wikidot. It is the most respected recording facility worldwide. The studio will ensure that the series is of high quality.

According to Jean François, Abbey Road will secure a place in history for recording the music and associated films for the 2020 celebrations at Over the years, the studio has recorded some of the greatest pieces of music and films. Some of the people and bands that have worked with the studio are the Beatles, U2, Pink Floyd, and Elton John. Brave heart, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Wars are some of the films the studio has produced.

JF&G composed each musical piece for the ‘The Marvelous 12’ while Chris Elliot provided the musical arrangements. At iconic productions, Chris has been involved in similar works such as the ‘Moulin Rouge,’ a Baz Luhrmann’s box office film. Another high-end expert participating in the recording is Geoff Alexander. He is providing orchestration to the project. He has previously worked with renowned franchises such as the Harry Potter, Planet Earth, and Gravity. The animated series’ sound engineer is Simon Rhodes. He has been involved in high-end productions such as the Avatar, Spectre, the Jungle Book, and Grand Budapest Hotel. Finally, the orchestra chosen for the works is made of some of the best symphony players. These 70 symphony players will be chosen from different parts of England. Apart from recording of the musical, the filming for Lovaganza 2020 content has already begun in Spain, the United States, and in France.

The Lovaganza celebrations were initially planned to take place in 2015. However, the organizers were forced to reschedule the celebrations to make use of the new technology in the entertainment industry. Some of these technologies will involve the groundbreaking Immerscope screen. This screen will provide the people with a brand new viewing experience. The event will take place in multiple venues across the world, simultaneously, between May and September 2020. These sites will ensure that more people attend the event while still ensuring the celebrations retain a global outlook. The Lovaganza team is incorporating the public in its preparation plans. The website is providing up-to-date information on the same.

The Colorful Wonder of Doe Deere’s Lime Crime

The Lime Crime makeup company was a brand I became aware of after seeing a Facebook friend shared a few stunning pictures of the Lime Crime makeup. I am a huge fan of makeup as an art form. I’m not especially into makeup that is only used to cover up flaws. Almost instantly as I perused the images I fell in love with the bright colors of the Lime Crime makeup. I don’t believe in love at first sight when it comes to people. Love at first sight with makeup can really be true love though!


I liked the concept of the company even more after looking through the makeup available on the Lime Crime website. The friendly Velvetines lip colors are exceptionally visually appealing. They come in all different colors! The Venus eye shadow palettes are excellent for smoky and neutral eye looks. I prefer smoky eye palettes personally, because I wear mainly smoky or neutral eye looks. Lime Crime also sells Superfoils duo eye shadows. These have two bright, sparkly colors in their pods. They are perfect for anyone who likes brightly colored eye makeup.


The history of Lime Crime is a combination of inspirational and tinged with controversy. Doe Deere -the creator of Lime Crime- is quick to dismiss the controversy as created by internet trolls who posed as her and commented rude comments to unsuspecting Lime Crime customers. Doe Deere says that the only place she writes comments is on her blog, social media profile and her web store. When negativity was expressed in comments that seemed to come from her, the Lime Crime company name was misspelled. Doe Deere points this misspelling to be something she would never do.


Controversy aside, Doe Deere is not the type to post negative comments at her customers. She is devoted to her business and any smart business person knows not to post negative comments about their customers. Doe Deere is just as much of a colorful wonder as her makeup company is. She usually has a different hair color throughout the year and wears the Lime Crime lip and eye colors with gusto. She is like a beautiful painting or a character from a fairy tale. I would personally love to see Doe Deere appear in a movie as a fun, beautiful, and colorful character.


If you want to check out the Lime Crime shopping experience for yourself their website is located at: ‘‘. You can check out the Lime Crime social media pages to learn more about the brand and Doe Deere. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram.

FreedomPop And Their Wifi Box

Universal wifi boxes are quite helpful as workers travel around the world, from office to office and from location to location. This FreedomPop review offers a look at the service provided by the company to every customer aside from their cell phones. They started the trend of offering wifi services to customers through a portal box, and this article explains why their wifi service is so powerful.


#1: Wifi Is Easy To Manage From A Box


FreedomPop offers wifi that is easy to manage from the portable box, and the user may carry it with them anywhere they choose. The user may turn on the signal to use in any location, and they may share the password with anyone who works with them. FreedomPop may be used in an office where there are few people working, or it may be used as a personal wifi link during trips.


#2: The Service Is Seamless


The wifi service at FreedomPop is quite seamless in that it offers a powerful signal that is created instantly after powering up the device. Everyone who wishes to carry their wifi signal with them will have it available at all times, and they may use it with any device including a computer, tablet or cell phone.


#3: The Box Is Easy To Carry


Users may carry the wifi box from FreedomPop with them at any time, and they may make use of it any time they please. Businesses may operate off the boxes when they travel to shared work spaces, or they may set up the box in a coffee shop where they have planned a working meeting. Everyone in the office may use their own wifi box from FreedomPop, and they may share their signal with anyone they meet. Businesses become far more efficient, and the business will remain productive every day regardless of where employees are working.


#4: FreedomPop Covers The World


Their company has ensured services to several different locations around the world. They are a wonderful firm that has dedicated time to capital acquisition, and they are expanding as far as they possibly can. They believe every customer must have a strong signal, and they have created a place for customers that makes them feel welcome.


The wise consumer selects FreedomPop as they understand the strength of the FreedomPop network. Their creation will reach to every continent, village and business in the world.

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Getting Your Own Smart Lighting

If you have constantly struggled to reduce the energy bill in your home, it might be time to switch to a more energy efficient electrical option for each and every room. There are many people who are currently switching to Smart lighting with great success and so this is something that you might want to consider for yourself by using a company known as Gooee. Smart lighting allows you to shut lights on and even turn them off if you are away from your house and cannot do this physically or manually at the light fixture itself. You are going to find that this helps you to save a lot of money because you are not running lights that simply do not need to be on and you can shut lights off if you forgot to do so before leaving the house.

Another wonderful benefit about using Gooee systems is that you can actually use something that is smarter than any other light fixture that you have used in the past. This means that the light is going to turn itself off if it senses that it does not have to be on because there’s already enough natural light coming into the room from an outside source.

George Soros Will Remain An Important Part Of The Future Of Politics

To many people around the world George Soros is seen as a major part of the left leaning political scene who has played a big part in bringing democracy to many people around the world. The Holocaust survivor who made a dramatic refugee journey of his own from his native Hungary at the end of World War II has been a big part of U.S. politics for decades, and looked to use some of the estimated $25 billion fortune he has amassed to help Democratic candidates to office in the 21st century at both national and state levels.

Despite spending much of his time looking to protect democracy in the U.S. Soros has always taken an international view of his political work after creating his own philanthropic group, the Open Society Foundations in the 1980s; the group was created by Soros in a bid to educate those trapped by South Africa’s apartheid regime and has continued to back other groups and refugees over the last four decades. Soros maintains his international outlook at all times and turned down an invitation to the Democratic convention after becoming concerned over the issues facing Europe as the Syrian refugee crisis continued to cause issues around the world.

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Soros spends $2 million to defeat Arpaio
The Capitalist Threat

The victory of Republican Donald Trump during the 2016 election cycle has prompted George Soros to take an even more active role in the future of the Democratic party as the political group looks to regroup after Republican gains in 2016. Soros and a number of other political donors to the Democrat’s have come together under the Democracy Alliance banner in a bid to plot a return to power for Democratic candidates beginning with state level gains in 2017 and 2018; Soros will provide a talk for his fellow donors and some of the most influential figures in the party in a change of schedule announced the morning after the Presidential victory of Donald Trump.

Over the course of 2016, the political donations of George Soros had prompted headlines around the world when his giving reached around $25 million towards the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Soros became well known for prompting major donations from other backers of the Democratic party during the 2016 cycle as major Super PAC’s lobbied for his support over the course of the Presidential campaign; Soros eventually backed the Priorities USA group to the tune of around $7 million, and provided around $10 million in backing for Clinton supporting Super PAC’s as a whole.

What Town Residential Has That Others Do Not

Town Residential has worked hard to solidify themselves as the number one real estate company in New York City. They have been able to do this because of their commitment to clients and this is something that they have that not many other real estate agencies in New York have. They want to make sure that their clients know that they are getting the best of the best and that they are dealing with a premier real estate agency instead of one that everyone else has seen and used in the time that they are looking for a home.


Customer service is the first thing that Town Residential always does. They want to make sure that they are doing everything that they can for their clients and this has given them the chance to make things better. They know that they will be able to help their clients the best if they focus on customer service with all of the clients that they have. The customer service portion of their business is the biggest part of the way that things work for them.


When Town Residential makes the decision to do something, they stick with it. They are committed to every goal that they set and this has made them very successful. When they first started their business, they knew that they wanted to be successful. They worked hard and they were able to get to that point without worrying about different things. This is something that has given them the chance to make things better for the business. Their commitment to excellence has been something that has truly set them apart from some of the other companies that deal with real estate in New York City.


Other real estate companies may try to be like Town Residential but most of them don’t even have the developers like Town Residential does. They want to make sure that their clients are able to get great homes in the area that they are in and this means that they work with developers. Since New York City does not have much space to build brand new homes, their developers work to restore the old buildings that are scattered around the city. They create different plans based on the way that the old buildings are and they create them into upscale and luxury apartment living for the residents of New York City.


The success that Town Residential has seen has been huge when it comes to the different things that they can do. Even though they have only been in business for three years, they have been very successful. They recently opened up their tenth outpost that is able to serve even more people than any of their other offices did in the past.