The Lime Crime makeup company was a brand I became aware of after seeing a Facebook friend shared a few stunning pictures of the Lime Crime makeup. I am a huge fan of makeup as an art form. I’m not especially into makeup that is only used to cover up flaws. Almost instantly as I perused the images I fell in love with the bright colors of the Lime Crime makeup. I don’t believe in love at first sight when it comes to people. Love at first sight with makeup can really be true love though!


I liked the concept of the company even more after looking through the makeup available on the Lime Crime website. The friendly Velvetines lip colors are exceptionally visually appealing. They come in all different colors! The Venus eye shadow palettes are excellent for smoky and neutral eye looks. I prefer smoky eye palettes personally, because I wear mainly smoky or neutral eye looks. Lime Crime also sells Superfoils duo eye shadows. These have two bright, sparkly colors in their pods. They are perfect for anyone who likes brightly colored eye makeup.


The history of Lime Crime is a combination of inspirational and tinged with controversy. Doe Deere -the creator of Lime Crime- is quick to dismiss the controversy as created by internet trolls who posed as her and commented rude comments to unsuspecting Lime Crime customers. Doe Deere says that the only place she writes comments is on her blog, social media profile and her web store. When negativity was expressed in comments that seemed to come from her, the Lime Crime company name was misspelled. Doe Deere points this misspelling to be something she would never do.


Controversy aside, Doe Deere is not the type to post negative comments at her customers. She is devoted to her business and any smart business person knows not to post negative comments about their customers. Doe Deere is just as much of a colorful wonder as her makeup company is. She usually has a different hair color throughout the year and wears the Lime Crime lip and eye colors with gusto.


If you want to check out the Lime Crime shopping experience for yourself their website is located at: ‘‘. You can check out the Lime Crime social media pages to learn more about the brand and Doe Deere. They are on Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, and Instagram.