As a female, one of our main missions is to find makeup products that work efficiently, that’s hypoallergenic, that’s affordable, and that is made by a company who cares about not only their consumers but their staff members as well. And who better to come up with a cosmetic line than a woman who knows how to rock make-up. Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, and just looking at her you can tell she knows how to rock any kind of make-up put in front of her.


A little background on Doe Deere, she was born in Russia; however, she was raised in New York City, the fashion capital of the world. She did not start out her journey knowing she wanted to start a cosmetic line. Throughout her 20’s she had everyday administrative jobs, but she knew she just did not fit in. That is where the idea to become an entrepreneur came into play for her.


When it came to the start of her cosmetic line, Lime Crime she knew it was going to be different from any other cosmetic line out there just because she is different. Her main concept behind her make-up line is that beauty isn’t what’s natural or what’s in style, but rather what feels right at the moment. In 2008, she launched her first large line that contained colorful, magical, and cruelty-free cosmetics to showcase the combination of color and cosmetics. Starting as a young entrepreneur she always had difficulty expressing herself in the form of make-up because bright, bold colors were hard to come by, this was the main inspiration behind her colorful line of cosmetics.


In 2014, Lime Crime cosmetic had a breach on their website and some thieves were able to steal customer’s personal information, and Doe Deere still feels personally responsible even though setback happens. But even an awful setback such as a hack teaches important lessons, especially to smaller businesses and Lime Crime Cosmetics was able to come back stronger, smarter, and better than even to start off the next year.


One major way Doe Deere goes above and behind other cosmetic lines is that when she has the inspiration to a new line or color she tries it out on herself first. Instead of testing it on animals, or staff members she physically will test it out on herself first to make sure it turned out the way she envisioned. Tell me how many cosmetic lines can say they do that? Inspiration is everywhere, so keep an eye out for what might be next in the Lime Crime cosmetic line.

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