Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014 and immediately moved into the world of nonprofits. He started an initiative in Maryland University with some seed money for the Do Good Institute. The Do Good Institute ( is an initiative that is intending to influence and expose university students to the world of nonprofits. This is something it plans to achieve through creating an environment that allows the students to participate in a charitable initiative in the real world by making real-time decisions on what projects to fund with the money they are given. This move is intended to bring a new crop of nonprofit leaders. The program is already seeing a lot of positive response.

Bruce Levenson and his wife decided to venture into the Do Good Institute after realizing that there are great nonprofit organizations out there that are headed by people of good will and intentions but more often than not, these organizations fail. Most of the reason behind such failure is the fact that the leadership lacks the necessary skills it requires to run a nonprofit organization effectively. For any business to be successful, nonprofit or profit making, there are crucial business skills that the people at the leadership need to have.

In a report by PR News, the idea of training and introducing young people to the culture of nonprofits occurred to Bruce and his wife, and they decided to approach Maryland University with it. The university agreed and the Levenson’s began with seed money of 75 million dollars to fund the project while the university chipped in 20 million dollars. The first class involved students being offer 10000 dollars and asked to choose a charity of their liking, making the program to become famous on campus instantly.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a businessman in America and a former owner of the NBA team Hawks Atlanta, He was also the governor of the team from 2004. He has also been involved in other industries including the Information technology sector where he worked for TechTarget. He participates in philanthropy work that seeks to create the next generation of non-profit leadership.