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How Securus Technologies is Making Prisons Safer

One of the bigger prison technology and inmate tracking device manufacturers I have come across is Securus Technologies. Serving around 3500 facilities falling under 45 states in the US alongside other prisons overseas such as those in Mexico and Canada, Securus Technologies has more than a million detainees and parolees under its watchful eye through its pioneering solutions.

Services provided by Securus Technologies include not just monitoring, but also communication, data management, response to urgent situations and incident control. The firm is headquartered in Dallas and has regional offices in Carrollton and Allen within Texas as well as an office in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus has one eye on the future of prisoner care and communication, as it plans to introduce better education, health care and job prospects for inmates along with the ability for prisoners to talk to loved ones around the clock using not just Securus electronics, but their own as well provided they have the requisite safety features installed. By getting them to use Securus products more frequently at lower charges, the company wishes to reduce the number of convicts committing new crimes after or even before their time behind bars has been served. The CEO and Chairman of Securus, Rick Smith, says that all of these improved services will be provided via a centralized network of databases in the near future and inmates’ communication will be made a lot more secure even when they will be allowed to use their own devices.

Securus Technologies has received great feedback from its customer jails around the country, with prison operators usually praising the fact that the investigative tools such as monitoring of communications made by inmates have allowed them to capture those who have been selling drugs or transferring money illegally within their premises. Securus has indeed helped to make prisons, and society in general, safer with its technological solutions and I am impressed by the firm’s impact.

Inmates from many prisons and correction agencies have also praised the work of Securus Technologies because of how the company provides communication services of a higher quality that allows them to contact their friends and relatives without noise or disconnection. Their focus on innovating and adding new features to the Securus Technologies’ communications is also a big plus for these inmates.

Securus Defends Technology Patents

For more than 30 years, Securus Tech has provided communication and information services to public safety, law enforcement and correction agencies. Connecting inmates with their families and friends in a safe, reliable manner while providing institutions access to required information is one of their essential tasks and one they have performed admirably for many years.


Currently, a competitor named GTL is challenging a Securus patent in the United States Trial and Appeals Board and misrepresenting the Securus position in well-circulated press releases. This piece seeks to straighten the record and correct some of GTL’s inaccurate statements.


For example, GTL announced that the United States Trail and Appeals Board (PTAB) had validated their patent enabling GTL to move forward with efforts to see redress against Securus. Rather, there is no opportunity for seeking damages against Securus because the court is stayed; neither did the court “validate” anything.


Additionally, GTL has represented that their 55 claims against Securus technology on video visitation monitoring have been upheld by the courts.  The figure they are floating around is a clear exaggeration of the issue used to convince an ignorant public that such a large number of violations must be supportable.


GTL has stated that these claims were identified by PTAB as “patentable”, when the board has made no such statement, rather the board simply elected not to review these claims.


Securus and many companies in similar situations, has a demonstrated history of seeking solutions to such disputes outside the court system. Securus, as a leader in the business community, prefers to negotiate mutually satisfactory solutions; this plan as worked successfully in the past and by investing millions and years in this court process GTL is wasting valuable time and corporate finances.