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George Soros Gives Back Even as He Moves Forward

Throughout George Soros’ life, he has seen the plight of refugees firsthand. He even used to be one. In Hungary, his native country, he lived through the Nazi occupation, mainly because his parents, Hungarian Jews, forged papers and created new identities for themselves and others. Then the Communists consolidated power after WWII, and he left for London, where he worked and put himself through school at the London School of Economics. In 1956, he moved to the United States and began work with the Wall Street Brokerage Firm F.M. Mayer.

The early lessons of perseverance, hard work, and giving back to others have stayed with him, even as he became one of

George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are heavily involved the richest men in the world.

In 1984 George Soros created the Open Society Foundations, a network of thinkers, projects, and initiatives throughout the world. He took the name from a book that heavily influenced him at the London School of Economics called Open Society and Its Enemies, by Karl Popper, who argued that there is no final philosophy of truth, and thus a truly open and democratic society must tolerate multiple paths and beliefs. Likewise, Popper claimed, a society could only flourish when it allowed for democracy, freedom of expression, and supported human rights. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Soros’ net worth is estimated at 26 billion dollars. He made his fortune through his genius at the financial markets, and almost from the beginning he was giving it back through philanthropic efforts. In the late 1970s he gave scholarships to black students living in Apartheid South Africa. As of 2012, the amount given away through the Open Society Foundations has reached more than 7 billion dollars according to

in many endeavors, including education, political awareness, democratization, and increasing voter awareness both in the United States and throughout the world. He has also written 12 books on many subjects including the war on terror, globalism, and capitalism. Throughout it all, he has stayed true to his passion, which is the open society that he first read about in college.

When it comes to financing and global capitalism, George Soros has been a genius at understanding and profiting from the world financial markets. He started in the United States with F.M. Meyer but after a few years he was able to open his own firm with 12 million dollars from different investors, and that laid the groundwork for the Soros Fund, later renamed the Quantum Fund, or the Quantum Fund Endowment. Soros has guided the fund through many decades and highs and lows of the financial world, and by September 2015, he was 85 years old and the 21st richest man in the world. Learn more about his profile at

Todd Lubar’s Success in the Lucrative Real Estate Business

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar is a real estate investor based in Bethesda, California. He heads TDL Global Ventures as its president and doubling up as the senior VP at Legendary Investments. His experience in the real estate business spans over two decades. The experience that Lubar has gained in that time has helped him become a prominent investor. Mr. Lubar is an astute businessman with varied interests spanning from mortgage banking, construction, and entertainment among others.

Working in the real estate finance industry, especially in the credit space, gave Todd a unique perspective on how he could help people afford homes. This is how he got the idea to start TDL Global Ventures as a way to offer to finance to those overlooked by traditional lending institutions. TDL broke barriers that had blocked many from receiving loans to build or buy a house.

Ranked as one of the top 25 mortgage originators in America, Todd Lubar first ventured into the industry in 1995. Fresh off of Syracuse University with a B.A in Speech Communication, Lubar joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation. At Crestar, Todd learned the concept of conservative mortgage banking. In 1999, He left Cresta and took up an equity position at Legacy Financial Group. Legacy enabled Todd to serve outside investors as well as to broker loans.

Years later, his experience allowed him to set up his real estate investment firm. He founded Legendary Properties in 2002 and focused on residential development. In this time he formed lasting relationships with major banking institutions that helped him to gain a line of credit higher than $20 million. He went on to work as the vice president of Charter funding. This affiliation helped him expand his personal business as he got clients on referral while giving him access to unique loan products.

Since then Todd has involved himself in several different businesses. One such business was a scrap metal recycling plant went on to be publicly traded in the stock market. Lubar also started a demolition company that acquired many lucrative commercial contracts from around the country. Todd currently lives in Bethesda with his two daughters.

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Higher Education Being Changed by the New Initiative in the University of Maryland

Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks in 2014 and immediately moved into the world of nonprofits. He started an initiative in Maryland University with some seed money for the Do Good Institute. The Do Good Institute ( is an initiative that is intending to influence and expose university students to the world of nonprofits. This is something it plans to achieve through creating an environment that allows the students to participate in a charitable initiative in the real world by making real-time decisions on what projects to fund with the money they are given. This move is intended to bring a new crop of nonprofit leaders. The program is already seeing a lot of positive response.

Bruce Levenson and his wife decided to venture into the Do Good Institute after realizing that there are great nonprofit organizations out there that are headed by people of good will and intentions but more often than not, these organizations fail. Most of the reason behind such failure is the fact that the leadership lacks the necessary skills it requires to run a nonprofit organization effectively. For any business to be successful, nonprofit or profit making, there are crucial business skills that the people at the leadership need to have.

In a report by PR News, the idea of training and introducing young people to the culture of nonprofits occurred to Bruce and his wife, and they decided to approach Maryland University with it. The university agreed and the Levenson’s began with seed money of 75 million dollars to fund the project while the university chipped in 20 million dollars. The first class involved students being offer 10000 dollars and asked to choose a charity of their liking, making the program to become famous on campus instantly.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a businessman in America and a former owner of the NBA team Hawks Atlanta, He was also the governor of the team from 2004. He has also been involved in other industries including the Information technology sector where he worked for TechTarget. He participates in philanthropy work that seeks to create the next generation of non-profit leadership.