WEN by Chaz Stands Alone Among Co-Washing Products

By now the co-washing trend sweeping across all the beauty blogs and programs has made it way into nearly every outlet for media. What was thought to be a simple fad has grown into becoming one the major shifts in beauty care seen this year. The process is simple enough, by doing away with shampoos and the harmful chemicals found in most that strip hair of its natural oils in favor of conditioners that not only allow your hair to retain its natural levels of oil but strengthen the hair from root to tip with essential oils and moisturizers co-washer, those that have tossed out their old shampoos, have found more beautiful and resilient “do’s.”

As the benefits of co-washing are indeed apparent, the decision is not as to whether you should ditch your shampoo, you should, but what co-washing products is simply the best for your individual needs. Enter WEN Hair by Chaz, the co-washing conditioner created by world famous hair dresser and stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean. Originally only available to the select group of celebrities fortunate enough to find themselves in one Dean’s stylist chairs, WEN by Chaz set to expand the benefits of the proprietary creation to everyone at the world over.

The celebrity-approved and stylist created cleansing conditioner utilizes a unique collection of essential oils, moisturizers, and other naturally replenishing elements to not only leave hair feeling clean but softer and more manageable with each use.

Where other cleansing conditioners purport to be the best co-washing solution but turn out to be merely regular conditioners, WEN by Chaz was created and tested with providing the best cleansing conditioner to be used by co-washers. Created to be used in place of harmful shampoos, WEN by Chaz takes advantage of the natural surfactant properties of conditioners and water to revitalize hair while making it softer and more manageable.

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