Assisting Others in Need: Kevin Seawright’s Story

New Jersey native Kevin Seawright is currently the Vice President and Chief Financial Advisor for the Newark Economic Development Corporation. Kevin Seawright earned his Masters degree in accounting from Almeda University, followed by an Executive Leadership Certification from Mendoza Business University.

Gaining Reassurance

Clients who are familiar with the work of Kevin Seawright have benefited from his financial expertise. This consists of reformulated business strategies, revenue planning. In addition, Kevin’s revenue enhancements have generally lead to increases in annual returns, around 20-30 percent.

Unlike many business professionals, he possesses a strong understanding of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). These business management tools makes manual input of administrative duties outdated. They can utilizing computer systems towards performing human resource needs.

Examples would be payroll, attendance, scheduling and the managing of employee data. Kevin helps increases the workplace efficiency of his clients while improving their efficiency in the workforce.

Improving the Quality of lives in Baltimore

The CitiStat program is designed to quantify performance from the departments in a city. It allows the users of the program to evaluate factors that are improving and which ones needs to be modified.

This can be seen in Baltimore, where Kevin combined their public school system with their CitiStat system. The activities of more than 80,000 students became better as a result.