Brian Bonar’s Accomplishments in the Finance Industry

Brian Bonar is a fruitful and famous business administrator. He has had a seat as the head of Trucept, Incorporated. Brian has a broad finance leadership base; by serving as a head in other firms such as Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His success is evident in his technical support; Bonar can build a functional business structure. He attained his Technical Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from James Watt Technical University. He got his Mechanical Engineering Masters Degree from Stafford University.

Brian worked as an appropriation manager for IBM and later collaborated with the QMS as the director of engineering. He progressed to work as a Sales leader for Adaptec. Once acquired some experience under in the industry, Bonar began his firm named Bezier Systems. He then operated for several other businesses before getting more substantial excellence with Dalrada Financial Services. At the company, he was known as a pleasant and helpful colleague.

With around 30 years of expert administration experience in the business industry, Bonar was focused on overseeing operations for Dalrada Financial Corporation (Pink Sheets: DFCO). For more than a decade, Brian has worked as the organization’s CEO and chairperson. The seats that trust him responsible for a broad choice of employer and worker aftermarkets products and benefits. The firm operates as a Marketing Liaison. It supplies to its customers a wide selection of worker programs increasing business efficiency. The programs include employee benefits, risk management insurance, business administration and the promotional and finance management services. Brian Bonar worked as well as the CEO and Chairman of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. and head of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc.

Technologies Corporation is a famous developer of color management software. The company is also a service and integrator firm for digital imaging hardware. The organization was at once featured in an on-line interview; at At the interview, Brian Bonar explained ITEC’s business strategy. In the talk, he includes the integration of his recent acquisitions. The link to the show is as follows:

Brians change from a manufacturer/developer to a services/marketing manager evolved over a period of 12 months. His business plan required him to leverage his experience in imaging services and products. Brian Bonar, via strategic acquisitions, expanded his market to that of supplying imaging services and products.

He too likes playing golf, spending time with his loved ones and gooing on boating trips. Bonar’s love of the meticulous attention and art process to executing the details makes his technique a key for MG2.